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15 Yoga Instagram Accounts to Follow

Yoga Instagram

Searching for the tag #yoga in Instagram results in thousand and thousand of pictures. Instagram allows yogis all around the world to share their yoga journey one snapshot at a time. The photographic quality might vary, but they all share the same purpose: document, share and spread their love for yoga.

The following is a list of 15 diverse Instagram accounts to follow if looking for some inspiration when joining the Instagram yoga community. From yoga communities and renamed yoga teachers to everyday yogis.

Wanderlust Festival @​wanderlustfest

Wanderlust Festivals celebrates mindful living by bringing together musicians, yogis, healthcare gurus, inspirational speakers and more. Their Instagram account transmit the very essence of the festival through pictures of music, yoga and nature as well as informing its +66.2k followers of upcoming Festival dates and locations.



Tara Stiles @​tarastiles

Founder of Strala, she is widely known in the yoga community as the “Yoga Rebel”. She uses her Instagram account to share with her +79k followers her passion for yoga and self-care. Her pictures feature her travels around the world delivering talks and Strala yoga workshops. Using the tag #stralaeverywhere, she advocates for experimenting with yoga wherever whenever. Her account contains snapshots of her performing dynamic handstands and other asanas in unusual places like hotel elevators or iconic landmarks like outside the Louvre in Paris, making of yoga an accessible and holistic practice. It is not unusual to see her sharing her personal self-care rituals and food recipes.

 Tara Stiles

Kathryn Budig @​kathrynbudig

Under her motto “Aim True” Kathryn Budig brings her passion for life, yoga and food closer to her +104k Instagram followers. Her feed is a mixture of yoga selfies, peeks into her yoga classes and workshops and snapshots of her everyday life with her husband and dogs. Firm advocate of animal rights, it is common to see pictures of her p​ug​in her Instagram account.

Kathryn Budig


Kino MacGregor @​kinoyoga

With over 642k followers, Kino MacGregor is one of the most well-known contemporary international Ashtanga yoga teachers. Amongst other things, she has written several books, produced Ashtanga DVDs and founded the Miami Yoga Magazine. The pictures and videos in her Instagram feed show her in all kind of twists, handstands and advanced yoga asanas that she makes look beautiful and effortless with her omnipresent smile. Her videos feature smooth transitions through different yoga postures. Her Instagram account is the perfect illustration of how incredibly amazing the human body is.

 Kino MacGregor


Rachel Brathen @​yoga_girl

Rachel Brathen is a Swedish native living in Aruba. She has an established a solid presence online, so much that her website has crashed several time unable to handle the amount of visits. Only in Instagram, she counts with +1.2m loyal followers. Her posts are always accompanied with inspirational words and with fragments of her own life, which is far from banal. Only in the past year, she has lost her best friend, gotten married, suffered the suicide attempt of her mother and has led a number of yoga workshops globally. Her practice and pictures she shares in her account are focused on flowing vinyasa sequences. There are also a lot of handstands and arm balances, all in paradisiac sceneries.

 Rachel Brathen


Matt Giordano @theyogimatt

NYC based yoga teacher who has recently acquired an open mind about yoga. He has moved away from traditional, perfect aligned practice to one that helps express himself through the body, wherever he is. His pictures feature him practicing yoga on an off the mat – i​ncluding arm balances on a rock by the sea. His account counts with +15.9k followers.


Matt Giordano


Brian Miller Yoga @​brianmilleryoga

An inspiring male yogi based in Montreal. With a big ‘Om’ piece of art as a background, Brian shares with his +49.9k Instagram followers pictures of himself in different asanas. His 15 years of fitness and boxing experience together with his current yoga practice have given him the muscle strength to perform beautifully crafted poses.

Brian Miller


Masumi @​masumi_g

Founder of ‘Two Fit Moms’ together with Laura (@laurasykora), Masumi approaches yoga as a healing practice for both the body and the mind. She herself started practicing when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and documents her transformation through her Instagram feed. There are a number of ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots that prove the steps taken in her journey. She now counts with +135k followers with whom she shares her practice with as well as snapshots of her macrobiotic diet that help her cope with her illness as well as that of her child.



Laura Sykora @​laurasykora

Laura is the other half of ‘Two Fit Moms’. Her recent yoga practice, and therefore her pictures in Instagram, has a focus on Acroyoga. Sharing daily with her +1m followers poses that are astonishing and beautiful in equal measures.

Laura Sykora


Tiffany Cruikshank @​yoga_medicine ​

Under the name of its founder, this Instagram account is that of a community of yoga teachers focused on the anatomy and physiology of traditional yoga. Its +106k followers get daily pictures of Tiffany in different yoga asanas as well as quotes and illustrations promoting healthy living and self-care.

 Tiffany Cruikshank

Rachel Anna @​rachelanna_yoga

Yoga teacher and foodie, her Instagram feed contains deliciously looking smoothies and recipes as well as Rachel performing inspiring yoga asanas in her jeans or yoga pants. She transmits to her +10.5k followers that yoga is a lifestyle and not something that you only practice on a mat in a studio.


Rachel Anna


MC Yogi @​mcyogi

Although hip-hop and yoga might seem unrelated, MC Yogi has made it work. Headlining international festivals as well as putting the soundtrack to numerous yoga sessions around the globe, MC Yogi merges the ancestral yoga practice together with modern beats. With +17.2k followers, his Instagram account features from album covers and concert snapshots to fancy handstands​in paradisiac beaches.


MC Yogi


Jessamyn @m​ynameisjessamyn

With +38.4k followers, Jessamyn’s Instagram account is growing in popularity. Describing herself as a “Yoga Enthusiast & Fat Femme” her account brings a well-needed dose of diversity to the yoga community. Her pictures are inspiring and simply beautiful.



J Elissa M @​gesticulate​

Daily insights into the yoga journey of this passionate yogi. Her Instagram account documents the progress of her practice with Colombia as the background. She counts with +3,246 followers.

J Elissa M



Yoga Inspiration @​yogainspiration

Yoga Inspiration’s Instagram account provides a daily dose of inspiration to all of its +474K followers through a varied selection of elements: from quotes (“When you own your breath nobody can steal your peace”), to reasons for loving yoga,​to beautiful pictures and artistic illustrations that motivate yogis around the world.


Yoga Inspiration

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