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Yoga Inspiration

Yoga Inspiration

Top 10 YouTube Yoga Inspiration Videos

Yoga videos on Youtube. Whatever aspect of yoga you’re searching inspiration for, YouTube is a great resource to turn to. Its content is free and accessible from anywhere. From complete classes, to tips on how to perform a specific…

Yoga Inspiration

10 Great Yoga YouTube Channels

Do you yoga features yoga to help calm the nerves, balance your body, yoga body challenge, handstand, and much more. She also has a 30-day yoga challenge on how to work out every part of the body starting with…

15 things that happen when you get into yoga
Yoga Inspiration

15 Things That Happen When You Get Into Yoga

Life offers many blessings and joys but along with those happy moments are times of disappointment and chaos. These moments can deliver unwanted stress into our lives. Finding ways to relieve stress and feelings of anxiety from daily routine…

celebrities who do yoga
Yoga Inspiration

Celebrities Who Do Yoga

Many celebrities famous actors, musicians, and professional athletes do yoga. Celebrities love that yoga gives them a chance to focus and be still. Here is a list of 12 celebrities who do yoga. Demi Moore Demi Moore is 52…

Yoga Music
Yoga Inspiration

10 Tracks to Inspire Your Yoga Practice

Music is healing.  It brings people together from different parts of the world and can sometimes lessen emotional pain by adding joy to many lives.  Music is an expression of the soul and combined with yoga can be very…

Yoga Inspiration

Top Yoga Blogs 2015

There seem to be an endless amount of blogs on the yoga ‘blogesphere’. Get inspired with the selection below of the 15 most popular wellbeing, lifestyle and yoga blogs 2015. Happy browsing! Elephant Journal – a guide that helps…

Yoga Inspiration

Why Yoga is Better than Fitness

Maintaining an exercise routine can bring positive changes to an individual’s quality of life and happiness.  All forms of fitness assist in healthy living, given the exercise routine is safe and the instructor is well trained.  Moving the body…

Yoga Inspiration

Top 10 YouTube Yoga Videos for Beginners

Yoga on Youtube. With the world becoming more and more digital, the number of activities performed online is actively growing. From grocery shopping to learning a new language, to cooking an exotic meal from scratch. Everything is possible at…

10 Signs You are a Yogi
Yoga Inspiration

10 Signs You are a Yogi

10 Signs You are a Yogi 1. Your laundry each week is mostly yoga pants. However, unlike many college girls and freelance writers, they are there because you actually do yoga, not just because they are more comfortable than…

Yoga Instagram
Yoga Inspiration

15 Yoga Instagram Accounts to Follow

Searching for the tag #yoga in Instagram results in thousand and thousand of pictures. Instagram allows yogis all around the world to share their yoga journey one snapshot at a time. The photographic quality might vary, but they all…

Yoga Quotes
Yoga Inspiration

Yoga quotes

To describe yoga can be a hard task many times. What is yoga? Why do we do asanas? What does it mean to live in peace and stillness? And what is love? We let our great teachers, authors and…

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