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Five Things To Know About Yin Yoga

The word “Yin” comes from the ancient Chinese principles of Yin and Yang which are defined as two sides, opposing and complimenting each other. In the earliest usage of the words Yin and Yang, they were not as philosophical…

Yoga or pilates
Yoga Basics

Are You More Yoga or More Pilates?

Because both Yoga and Pilates involve similar exercises, many people confuse the two. However, in spite of the similarities, yoga and Pilates have several distinct differences that set them apart. In the next few minutes, you will be able…

Yoga Basics

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini, also known as laya, yoga derives its name from its focus on awakening kundalini energy which is conceptually thought to be a primal energy coiled at the base of the spine like a serpent. The style is somewhat…

pranayamas for beginners
Yoga Basics

3 Pranayamas for Beginners

Pranayama is the 4th limb of yoga after the Yamas, Niyamas and the Asana. “Prana” is “vital energy” in the body and it represents the pranic energy responsible for life or life force. “Ayama” means control. Pranayama is often…

is yoga a religion
Yoga Basics

Is Yoga a Religion?

Is Yoga a Religion? Yoga dates back to over 3,000 years and has been seen in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain texts, and used in these religious practices. In fact, classical Yoga is considered to be part of Hindu philosophy…

Yoga Basics

What’s the Difference Between Yoga and Pilates

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in the Yoga world. The fact of the matter is that there is a huge difference between the two, and although there are similar poses, they are two completely different…

Yoga Basics

How Often Should You Practice Yoga?

How Often Should You Practice Yoga? This question is asked quite a lot by newbie yogis and although ideally it should be practiced everyday this is often not realistic for many. How often one should practice Yoga also depends on…

yoga books for teachers
Yoga Basics

15 Books for Yoga Teachers

Reading is an exploratory learning tool that can teach, heal, and enlighten. Novels can send a person on an adventure and travel back in time, whereas scientific books, essays, or journals relay factual information in particular areas of study.…

Yoga Basics

Sahasrara Chakra

The seventh and final Chakra brings all of the other chakras together. The Sahasrara chakra is our connection to the divine and it makes us experience the deeper purpose of our lives. It is located on the top of…

Yoga Basics

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is a style of yoga that arose in the 1970s, developed by B. K. S. Iyengar after whom it was named. This particular style holds, at its core, the traditional eight limbs of yoga and is an…

Yoga Basics

The Best Time to Practice Yoga

Every human being is different at any given moment in the day, the season, the year. To say there is one perfect time to practice yoga in an overarching sense would be wrong. Our bodies, our needs, our state…

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