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5 easy meditation techniques

5 Easy Meditation Techniques

Meditation is the act of training the mind to a state of consciousness for some sort of benefit. This could be to ease health concerns, control mental illnesses, or just to clear the mind. There are numerous techniques to…

What happens to your brain when you meditate

What Happens to the Brain When You Meditate

Meditation dates back to around 1,500 BCE when it was used in the ancient Hindu practice of Advaita Vedanta. By the 18th century it had come to the west through Buddhist studies and philosophy, as taught by German philosopher…

How long should you meditate

How Long Should You Meditate

There are numerous publications and studies around the limitless benefits of maintaining a constant meditation practice. There is however not a detailed guidance on how to incorporate this Eastern ancestral practice into our busy Western lives. More importantly, our…


What Meditation Does to Your Brain

What meditation does to your brain? The benefits of meditation are well known. You get calmer, you can focus better, your stress levels are reduced and you can sleep better. But the benefits of meditation do not end there.…


11 Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation reduces stress, it helps you focus and improves your relation with yourself. By closing your eyes, and for a moment turning your attention inwards to find stillness you gain a lot of benefits. But first, if you need…

How to meditate

How to Meditate

Meditation is the act of silencing the mind. Dating back to 3000 BCE, meditation has been proven to be a beneficial tool. Meditation helps to relieve stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, increase perceived happiness, reduce the risk of…

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