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10 Signs You are a Yogi

10 Signs You are a Yogi

10 Signs You are a Yogi

1. Your laundry each week is mostly yoga pants. However, unlike many college girls and freelance writers, they are there because you actually do yoga, not just because they are more comfortable than any other pants on the planet.

2. You catch yourself standing in tree pose while waiting in line at the bank. Or the grocery store, or the coffee shop, or while watching TV . . . basically, you are slowly morphing into a flamingo.

3. “Happy hour” for you means an hour spent on your mat. An added bonus over the traditional happy hour is that yoga can lead to endorphins and improved physical health rather than an expensive bar tab and regret.

4. You begin an inordinate number of sentences with, “My yoga instructor says . . .” Yoga instructors seem to have a knack for introducing a class theme at the exact point in your life that you need it. Have you been thinking about decluttering and having a garage sale? Your instructor talks about detachment. Feeling stressed and spread too thin? Your instructor talks about the importance of meditation and refocusing on your priorities. They always know . . . which means they are probably wizards.

5. You have practiced lion breath in your car . . . and caught other motorists looking at you funny. But who cares–haters only hate when they have not done enough yoga.

6. Wearing shoes feels weird and constricting. Oppressive foot prisons is what they are.

7. “I’m holding a lot of stress in my body,” is a phrase you have started to say a lot. The best part is that you know exactly what poses you need to do to release that tension and get yourself back to center.

8. Your day has not truly started until you have done a sun salutation. Even if you wake up at noon.

9. When packing for a vacation, your yoga mat is the first item that goes in your suitcase. What else do you need other than (maybe) underwear and a toothbrush?

10. You feel happier, calmer, and as soon as you are done with a practice, you cannot wait to get back on your mat. Almost never would you hear someone say they regret spending time doing yoga. You might, however, hear someone regret eating cheesy poofs and watching reality TV when they could have done yoga.

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